2014 - THE FINAL STRAW A plan to route what little water Northern California has around the Delta in order to reach points south should have the state in an uproar, and Delta residents, farmers, fishermen and boaters are.  Unfortunately, a lot of other people don't seem to notice.  Articles are written, protests are made and the average citizen remains unaware of the beautiful, fragile estuary that forms the heart of the state.

Fast forward to 2015 as beloved artist Greg Kondos and his wife, Moni Van Camp-Kondos, start to organize the artists who paint the Delta into a single show of spectacular landscapes.  To show the state and its people what it stands to lose.  To support efforts like the one to grant National Heritage Area status to the Delta, and to continue to foster cultural, ecological and historic preservation of this unique area.  If a picture paints a thousand words, maybe the Delta will finally be "heard."

MAY 5, 2015 - A NON-PROFIT TO BENEFIT THE DELTA!  Moni Van Camp-Kondos files the papers with the State of California to create the Delta Regional Foundation, a community benefit non-profit corporation intended to support Delta communities.  From the Articles of Incorporation: "The specific purpose of this corporation is to raise funds for: 1) the support and promotion of cultural and historical preservation, education and events throughout the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta; 2) the support and promotion of tourism and recreation operations throughout the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: and 3) the support and promotion of agricultural projects and programs throughout the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta."  A lifelong dream of giving back to this inspirational place has come true for Gregory and Moni Kondos.

"...The Delta is also a place of striking natural beauty..."

2012 - FROM STATE OF CALIFORNIA DOCUMENTS: "The Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta is a unique place of economic, environmental, historic and cultural significance... The region’s rich history boasts of bustling, river-based commerce before the automobile age, and its cultural uniqueness includes the only rural town in America built by early Chinese immigrants. As the largest estuary on the west coast of the Americas, the Delta also is a place of striking natural beauty and ecological significance... a highly productive agricultural area with rural charms, landscapes, and waterscapes not found elsewhere in California."   Don't we know it.  We've been painting here for years.


preserve.  protect.  enjoy.

Delta Regional foundation